A paper texture layered over a blue sky. There are two stylised drawings of the characters Stede Bonnet and Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach as they appear in the HBO series 'Our Flag Means Death'. The text reads 'Spring Tides. An Our Flag Means Death Zine'

An open-call charity zine celebrating acceptance and community.

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Spring Tides is a digital, open-call charity zine for the HBO series Our Flag Means Death that aims to celebrate acceptance and community.The intention of this zine is to help bring people together with a love for the show and help one another bring more content into the world. As such, we hope to welcome all sorts of creative content, including artwork, prose, and possibly more!All proceeds made by this zine will go to F’INE Pasifika, which is an Aotearoa (New Zealand) based “Pacific LGBTQI+ / MVPFAFF+ focused Charitable Trust that provides Whānau Ora navigational services”. You can find out more about their work here.We are currently working towards opening our store!Please check out the FAQ & our social media links below for other information and further updates!


Finance/Production Mod Ara
Nationality: American
Hobbies: Reading, crafting

Comms/Graphics Mod Belle
any pronouns
Nationality: Filipino
Hobbies: Writing, crying

Organisation/Layout Mod Hei
any pronouns
Nationality: Malaysian
Hobbies: Mahjong

Comms Mod Vi
any pronouns
Nationality: Australian
Hobbies: Art, Patting dogs

image of bleeding heart


WHAT IS SPRING TIDES?Spring Tides is an open-call, pay-what-you-want digital charity zine with a limited physical run based around the HBO series Our Flag Means Death! The mod team was especially drawn to the open and unwavering themes of acceptance both in the story itself and the actions of the creative team surrounding it, and we wanted to celebrate that. This is why Spring Tides is an open call zine: all work, so long as it meets our guidelines, will be accepted. This is not a selective fanbook with an application process or rejections. This is a celebration of being seen and being loved.All proceeds made by this zine will go to F’INE Pasifika, which is an Aotearoa (New Zealand) based “Pacific LGBTQI+ / MVPFAFF+ focused Charitable Trust that provides Whānau Ora navigational services”. You can find out more about their work here!IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT?The zine's rating will be PG13. We ask that all contributors are 16 or older due to the content of the show itself being TV-MA. Our Discord is strictly 16+ and failure to comply with this will result in your removal from the space and potentially the zine.WHAT CONTENT DO YOU ALLOW IN THE ZINE?We will allow any content that adheres to our PG13 rating, which means mild/implied violence and suggestive content is allowed. However, we will accept strong language above a PG13 rating due to the nature of the show’s dialogue.Any hate speech/propaganda/bigotry is not allowed, and neither is character or ship bashing.HOW DOES THE OPEN-CALL PROCESS WORK?1. Register your interest by filling out this form!
2. Receive an email with the information pack you will need for submitting + a Discord link
3. Create and celebrate!
You may read through all the guidelines for submission here! We ask that you register first as it gives us a figure estimate of how many contributions we may get, and keeps our spaces a little safer from potential bigots. Anyone can register, and you do not have to inform us if you need to drop out!Once you have finished with your piece, fill out the submission form. We will consider all people who have filled out the form by the deadline as contributors to the zine.WILL YOU BE DECLINING ANY PIECES?After submissions end, we will decline any pieces that do not meet our submission guidelines. All guidelines refer to formatting and copyright concerns, with the exception of one or two flexible technical points (e.g. completely illegible writing or unfinished art). However, we will have an Act of Grace period, where you may readjust your submission to meet them! There will also be plenty of opportunities to talk to mods and other contributors if you are not confident in being able to create something that will be accepted.Only initially declined pieces that are not readjusted to meet the guidelines by the end of the Act of Grace period will not appear in the zine.TL;DR - We can tell when someone’s put love and care into their work! If you do so, it will be accepted.WHY ARE YOUR FORMATTING GUIDELINES SO STRICT?As an open call zine, we have to understand our own limits. There are size limits because we have limited hosting space, and there are restrictions on file type so we can format your work without hassle. Please understand that all these little things ease the way for us to deliver better work!If the formatting guidelines seem daunting, come to our discord for help and resources!HOW CAN I BUY THE ZINE?You will be able to buy the digital zine through our itch.io storefront, which will be a pay-what-you-want. There will be a minimum amount required to purchase exclusive digital merch.Preorders for the physical zine will be through Bigcartel. Contributors may purchase the volume their work appears in through the mod team at cost price, with details to be given closer to the date.AS A CONTRIBUTOR, DO I GET ANYTHING?As the zine will be digital and pay-what-you-want, you will be able to get the zine for free from whatever storefront it will be hosted on! Any exclusive digital merch will be also given to you for free. For the physical run, you will be able to purchase the volume your work appears in at cost price + shipping to your area.WHAT IS A LIMITED PHYSICAL RUN?We are expecting to receive more submissions than a more commercially lucrative fanzine usually would, and as such will have limitations on what we can do digitally and physically. This entire section is subject to drastic change with minimal warning.Depending on the amount of submissions received, we will split the zine up into volumes. Each volume will then be available for a limited time. All contributors will have a chance to be printed as there is no selection process. Due to the amount of contributors and worldwide scope, we unfortunately cannot offer free physical copies.HOW ARE YOU FORMATTING THE ZINE?The zine will be split for printing into volumes depending on submissions received. All volumes will be included in a single digital purchase.We have two current moderators who will be working on the layout, but we will consider our submission volume as the creation period progresses and if needed, will open up layout applications for people with formatting experience! In keeping with the zine spirit, we will have loose formatting rules but each layout artist will be free to curate their own style.

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This schedule is subject to change. If changes are implemented, the creation period will not be shortened.

Interest CheckMarch 29, 2022
Interest Check ClosesApril 2, 2022
Interest Check ResultsApril 10, 2022
Registration OpensApril 11, 2022
Submissions CloseJuly 29, 2022
Submission Review Emailed (if piece is approved or needs adjustment)August 5, 2022
Act of Grace Period (when pieces may be adjusted)August 5 - August 20, 2022
FormattingAugust - September 2022
Release of PDF, Physical RunOctober 1, 2022
End of Physical RunNovember 22, 2022
End of PDF RunDecember 10, 2022
Physical FulfilmentEarly 2023


written & composed by Jaqui, vocals by Jaqui & Valeria, mixed by Watson.
A song about beginning again.Download the song with the free digital zine here.

all recipes invented and trialed by Ji-Hyun.
A set of 10 OFMD inspired recipes!Download the recipe book with the free digital zine here.